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Bitera's Strategic Role in Data Center Infrastructure Development
16 May 2024 - by Admin

Indonesia, as a rapidly growing digital economy, recognizes the crucial role of data center infrastructure in propelling this sector forward. Bitera, a data center company operating in Indonesia, is expected to be a pioneer in enhancing data center penetration and supporting the digital economic growth in the country.

Bitera's CEO, Tedy Harjanto, emphasizes that data center penetration in Indonesia is still significantly below international standards, with less than 1 watt per capita, while neighboring countries like Singapore have reached 100 watts per capita. This is also in line with APJII data, indicating that Data Center penetration in Indonesia is approximately 0.3 watts per capita, far from the ideal capacity requirement of around 840 MW. Indonesia's data center capacity is only equivalent to 12.7% of other ASEAN countries.

The impetus to develop data center infrastructure in Indonesia is increasingly urgent, given its crucial role as the backbone of the digital economy. Businesses, the government, and society are becoming more dependent on data center infrastructure to manage data on a large scale. Therefore, investment and further development in this sector are deemed essential.

In response to these challenges, Bitera is committed to being a key player in the development of data center infrastructure in Indonesia. Close collaboration between the government and the private sector, including companies like Bitera, is expected to form a robust foundation for digital economic growth.

Bitera's role in accelerating Indonesia's digital economic growth is not only evident in infrastructure but also involves the development of an innovative digital ecosystem. By enhancing data center capacity, Bitera can support various digital services, including e-commerce, cloud computing, and AI-based technology development.


Source: CNBC Indonesia

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