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Investor Interest in Energy Investment in Tangerang Regency
29 May 2024 - by Admin


The government of Boxing County in Shandong Province, People’s Republic of China (PRC), has set its sights on Tangerang Regency in Banten for energy-related investments. This interest was revealed during a working visit by representatives from Boxing County to the Tangerang Regency government on May 8.

Pj Bupati Tangerang, Andi Ony Prihartono, expressed his enthusiasm for exploring potential collaboration and investment opportunities with the Chinese government through Tangerang Regency. He stated, “We welcome the exploration of cooperation and investment by the Boxing Country government. We are ready to work together and await further details on what can be mutually achieved.”

Tangerang Regency, strategically located, boasts significant potential for various sectors, including fisheries, renewable energy, tourism, and education. The local government is open to partnerships with both private entities and other regional governments, including those from abroad.


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“Tangerang Country government [Tangerang Regency] is open to collaboration with various parties, including international counterparts. We can collaborate in technology development, cultural exchange, tourism promotion, showcasing local products, and exploring renewable energy sources such as waste-to-energy,” added Andi Ony Prihartono.

Mr. Sun Zhanyong, the head of the delegation from Boxing Country, expressed interest in exploring energy-related cooperation with Tangerang Regency, particularly in the field of power generation. He hopes that the initial meeting will pave the way for fruitful collaboration in the future.

Notably, Tangerang Regency ranks third in terms of economic growth within the Greater Jakarta area (Jabodetabek). The region’s potential makes it an attractive prospect for investors seeking strategic opportunities.

As discussions progress, Tangerang Regency remains committed to fostering partnerships that benefit both local communities and international stakeholders. The collaboration between Boxing County and Tangerang Regency holds promise for sustainable development and mutual prosperity.


Source: Investor China Lirik Investasi Bidang Energi di Kabupaten Tangerang

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